Pathfinders of Oregon Named a ‘Promising Program’ for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Child Trends, an organization that works to improve the lives of children and youth through research, has just published a comprehensive report on how a parent’s incarceration impacts a child. As you might expect, these children face a range of obstacles. Children of ever incarcerated parents are at greater risk for having multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) than their peers who have not had an incarcerated parent. The risks include living with substance abuse in the home, parental divorce, witnessing violence and living with someone who is mentally ill or suicidal. Having multiple ACEs increases the likelihood that a child will have difficulty in school and suffer from mental and physical health issues throughout his or her life.

Helping these children overcome the trauma of a parent’s incarceration and develop the resilience to lead healthy lives is important for our community. Child Trends recognized Pathfinders of Oregon as one of eight promising programs working with these children and families. Through our Center for Family Success and our Parenting Inside Out program, we help parents and children rebuild their families after incarceration.