Center for Family Success

The Center for Family Success’ mission is to improve outcomes for children of justice involved parents through supporting their parents with valuable programs and services that foster parents’ successful return to community and family. With a focus on self-sufficiency and family reunification, the Center works to break the intergenerational cycle of criminality, serving the needs of parents, children and the community.

The Center for Family Success opened in St. Johns in 2004. As our clients moved farther out into East Multnomah County, we recognized that to best serve them we needed to be in their neighborhood. The Center moved to Rockwood in 2007, where it continues to serve more than 400 justice involved families every year.

The Center serves as a hub for several programs working in concert with each other to increase parent and family success. Programs include access to community resources, classes in parenting and healthy relationships, life and work place skill development and peer support groups. The Center’s comprehensive services allow it to meet each family’s unique needs; through the Center’s programs families are able to create positive plans for the future.

The Center’s unique staff and volunteer base consists, in part, of former and current successful program participants. The Center incorporates the knowledge and experience of the impacted community to shape its services and to provide valuable peer-to-peer advocacy and mentoring. Advocates are available to assist families in navigating and managing open child welfare cases and to secure other needed public supports.

The Center for Family Success piloted the Parenting Inside Out curriculum that is used throughout corrections institutions and communities in Oregon to give criminal justice involved parents the skills to parent their children and rebuild family relationships. The Center will continue to serve as a model for future programs.